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Audio Technology application

What is the active speaker

The speaker is the electrical signal into a sound signal reduction device, reducing the authenticity is an important criterion of evaluating the performance of speaker. Active speaker is a power amplifier (i.e., power amplifier ) of the speaker system. The power amplifier and speaker system as a whole, can be directly with the general source (such as a player, CD player, DVD, video recorders ) collocation, constitute a complete set of sound combination. The active speaker, without additional buying power amplifier, and is simple in operation and has a very high price, love for the vast number of consumers.

Temeisheng adhering to market orientation production tenet, fit the market demand, leading the market trend, various speakers innovation pioneered with USB interface, SD card interface and iPhone interface, novel style, complete functions, quality excellence, customer it’s the best choice for you

The power of the speaker

The speaker power main reference speaker of the rated power and output power to buy the box, the former refers to the power drive rated speakers in a certain period of time the speaker without any damage, the latter is the effective output power of a power amplifier.

The sound quality of the sound box and power have no direct relationship. Power determines the maximum sound can emit strong, feel is the speaker 's voice can have much impact. Therefore, the power of the speaker is not the bigger the better, for ordinary home users, if the room is in the area of 20 square meters, the output power reaches 60W would be enough..

 In order to meet the special requirements of different occasions of the speaker, Temeisheng developed scientific and detailed design in both Speaker power and speaker size to make sure that every speaker can expess the best for everyone present just right.

Why choose low magnetic leakage transformer

Good sound must be good power supply, transformer quality directly affect the audio equipment sound. Transformer acts as a load circuit, the high frequency characteristics of equipment directly affects the quality, at the same time, transformer generated during operation of the electromagnetic wave, will cause a certain degree of influence on the speaker output sound quality. Good low magnetic leakage transformer is a natural filter, filter out the power supply to the clutter, the adverse effects of the transformer box for quality to minimize. Transformer with different shapes have different vocal style, we select the right transformer corresponding to different demand for speakers.